Checker Patrol works behind the scenes to give you a firm grasp of your clientele like never before. With more than a decade of industry experience, the professionals at Checker Patrol have designed a unique, personalized service to provide valuable and reliable insight into movie theater and restaurant operations across the country.

Checker Patrol was created with the vision of assisting theatrical distributors, exhibition chains, marketing advertisers and restaurant owners and operators to obtain accurate and vital information from within their venues everywhere. We recruit independent contractors to go into local movie theaters and restaurants to collect various data including, but not limited to, audience reactions, patron counts, box office information, coming attractions, sneak previews and undercover restaurant/theatre audits.

We at Checker Patrol take pride in knowing we provide the highest quality of verified data available in the industry, enabling clients to better gauge the day-to-day activities within a specified venue, while monitoring customer satisfaction.

Checker Patrol is always looking for eager, motivated checkers in all fifty states, Canada and Puerto Rico. We like our checkers to have access to a phone, computer and/or fax. If interested in signing up, complete the Checker questionnaire or simply give us a call. If you are 18 or over and you meet our criteria and can be trained to provide our services, when an assignment comes up in your area, we’ll contact you.